ASKOL Charged Assets Markets & Power Seekers

Where DeFi and NFTFi merge to offer a unique blend of hybrid assets markets
ASKOL Charged Assets Markets are hybrid digital assets markets which can be created by anyone holding ASKOL in-app units. Hybrid "blended" digital assets are comprised of several crypto assets that can form a new hybrid asset class with its unique inherent market yield and risk profile. Any approved asset can be chosen by a creator (liquidity provider) at the start of any market. Creators can create any blended asset market they wish with approved assets specificied on the ASKOL platform. ASKOL markets will boast the widest range of approved assets in industry to choose from, which can be used to create hybrid "blended" charged assets markets of various inherent risk profiles. Any protocol, institution or individual can create a charged assets market with approved assets at any time.
A charged assets markets can be comprised of min. 2 to 5 max. digital assets, any combination of approved assets is allowed, thereby creating a hybrid asset market that can be used to generate income for liquidity providers and options traders, which are referred to as "Power Seekers" ($). ASKOL charged markets also allow borrowers seeking to borrow a diversified range of assets from the markets. Charged assets market must be created with "charge", this simply means that a Charged Markets fee is assessed on transactions performed on the platform, charges are paid in ASKOL in-app tokens form a users charging station. To gain access to ASKOL Charged markets, you are able to swap ASKO on Ethereum or rASKO on BSC, in order to receive ASKOL in-app tokens in your charging station.
To create a charged assets market ASKOL utilizes smart contracts to encode the terms and conditions of the asset that are set . These smart contracts specify the underlying asset and track the value of each asset mapped to a market in order to arrive at average hybrid market value with an estimate (APY/yield) for Power Seekers and estimated cost of borrowing (APR) for borrowers.
Once a hybrid asset has been created, the owned shares by liquidity provider are represented by an NFT minted to the Power Seeker, which can be traded/swapped/or used as collateral to borrow assets form another charged market. Realized yield per charged market will be determined by supply and demand, and may vary depending on a variety of factors, including the price of the underlying asset, market conditions, and investor sentiment.
Overall, hybrid assets markets can provide users with exposure to a wide range of hybrid assets and markets, and can offer an alternative to traditional financial instruments. However, it is important for investors to carefully consider the risks associated with each hybrid market, and make best use of off-sets for risks through diversification of capital and rewards mechanisms that are offered for creators and powers seekers on the ASKOL markets.
Find ASKO and rASKO gateway tokens on Uniswap, Uniswap Vision, Coinmarketcap, and Etherscan.
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