ASKO(ERC20) Governance Token

Tokenomics and Distribution
Circulating Supply: ~123m (exchanges, preferred exchange: Uniswap)
Total Supply: ~134.5m (etherscan)
Burned Supply: 4.5m
Uniswap Locked Liquidity - 18m ASKO locked on Uniswap.
Proof of Locked Liquidity - Etherscan 1, Etherscan 2, Etherscan 3
Asko Development - The remaining team ASKO allocation is 4m.
For staking, we highly recommend using metamask.
Dividends Staking - 1% transaction tax sent via dividends to stakers.
Staking Bonus - ~11m to (registered) Stakers at 10% per month. Stakers who register will join the next cycle and must claim their stake before the next registration cycle, or it goes back to the staking pool and your registration won’t be rolled over.