What is ASKOL?

ASKOL offers creators and power seekers exclusive access to ASKOL charged assets markets on Web3
ASKOL is an in-app token that offers users exclusive access to ASKOL hybrid assets and futures markets. ASKOL allows user to transact on any blockchain where ASKOL markets are supported, and to charge new and existing assets markets. ASKOL offers for anyone the ability to become both a charged assets markets creator, liquidity provider and power seeker. ASKOL is purchased with ASKOL markets gateway tokens native to the blockchain on which ASKOL markets are available. For example, on Ethereum ASKOL can be purchased with ASKO gateway tokens, which are publicly traded ERC20 fungible tokens, that can be easily acquired on participating exchanges. While on Binance Smart Chain, ASKOL can be acquired with rASKO gateway tokens, which are publicly traded BEP20 fungible tokens, and also can be easily acquired on participating exchanges. ASKOL performs several key functions, first as a transactional power unit, second as a form of collateral that can be used to secure loans from ASKOL charged assets markets on any any supported blockchain, and third ASKOL also acts a vesting rewards token, which helps creators, borrowers, traders and liquidity providers to secure on-going rewards for their participation. ASKOL exists only in-App, which means it can be acquired using only gateway tokens or LPs which are attained from the gateway tokens public markets. There are two categories of ASKOL: ASKOL charge units allow users to pay platform form fees, unlock creation of unique hybrid charged assets markets and provides users vesting rewards, which are accumulated and claimed on a users "Charging Station" ASKOL LP unit allows any user to borrow hybrid crypto assets on any of the ASKOL charged assets markets, on a 1:1 collateral ratio basis. ASKOL LP can only be received in-app by locking the gateway token LPs, which can be acquired by providing liquidity on participating (DEX) public markets where gateway tokens are traded.