ASKO (ERC20) to ASKO(BEP20) Bridge
Token holders can bridge their ASKO cross chain ETH <> BSC
We are always thinking about our token holders, insuring unprecedented utility for our token holders. We are now introducing our new bridge for for ASKO(ERC20) to ASKO(BEP20). This will offer ASKO holders the ability to govern and stake on the ASKO DAO on BSC. In addition, ASKO will be an approved money market asset that can be used to lend, borrow, swap and farm on the rASKO Money Market on BSC.
ASKO token holders can now enjoy the best that Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain have to offer. Ability for our token holders to earn and benefit from organic token price growth is tremendous.
ASKO/rASKO Money Markets offer unparalleled possibilities to govern, earn fees, hedge portfolio risk, manage leverage, trade, swap, farm and stake.
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