Technical Summary

AskoLend creates tiered lending pools for money markets with BEP20 and ERC20 assets, and any (ERC20, BEP20) compatible assets.
  • Each money market has two tiers, each of which has its own settings.
  • The a1 pool is protected from insolvency by the a2 pool, which covers insolvent loans first.
  • Users supply assets to their preferred mixture of the a1 and a2 tier pools.
  • Interest rates are set algorithmically based on utilization, with a greater increase for assets that reach high utilization.
  • Users who borrow assets must source half of their borrowed tokens from the a1 pool and half from the a2 pool.
  • AskoLend/rASKO Money Markets will eventually be governed by ASKO DAO, which receives 25% of all fees generated on the Money Markets.