User Interface - Technical

AskoLend’s UI has two main sections: Supply and Borrow
A user supplies their tokens into a2 "ahr" Tokens or a1 "alr" Token pools by selecting the desired pool on the supply side of the UI, and interacting with the supply/withdrawal modal.
After supplying the tokens, the supply side of the UI is updated with the user's position. Data shown includes the amount of tokens in a2Token and a1Token pools, the annual percentage rate they're earning for each pool, and an on/off switch that indicates if the a1Token is being used as collateral. Only tokens pooled into a1Token pools can be used as collateral to borrow from the platform.
The user is now able to withdraw their supplied collateral partially or entirely, directly from the same supply/withdraw modal they used before. Alternatively, the users can use the a1Tokens or a2Tokens as collateral to borrow from another pool on the borrower’s side of the UI.
When the user borrows a token, the process is similar to lending, where they click the token they want to borrow, a borrow/repay modal pops up, and they define the amount of tokens to take out from the system, using their risk tokens as collateral.
When the user borrows from the platform, the borrow side of the UI updates their position, and they are now able to repay their borrowed tokens at any time using the borrow/repay model.