Introduction to rASKO Money Market

Borrow, lend, swap and farm a variety of assets, while staying long in your core holdings
rASKO Money Markets are governed and developed by the ASKO DAO, which is driven by the ASKO (ERC20) token. The rASKO Money Market offers an automated platform for borrowing and lending a diverse range of crypto assets while utilizing unique risk management tools to minimize lender risks. All rASKO Money Markets are driven by the native utility token rASKO, that enhances utility of the core borrow & lend platform “ASKOLend. rASKO utility tokens can also be used as an asset for borrowing or lending a broad range of crypto assets listed on the rASKO Money Markets. It also acts as a rewards token, designed to offset borrowers’ APR costs and supports farming rewards.
Each money market incorporates the rASKO Swap which provides "alr" and "ahr" risk token pools that allow borrowers and lenders to earn rASKO by farming the liquidity pool tokens on rASKO Farm. To further maintain and grow rASKO’s price, rASKO will be burnt in equivalent to 25% of all money market fees paid to the ASKO DAO, remaining fees generated by the rASKO money markets will also be used in-part for buyback of rASKO tokens. The rASKO Money Market on BSC is the first money market planned to be deployed on Binance Smart Chain in Q4 2021 and then deployed on other (EVM) compatible blockchains. In addition, the ASKO DAO will be launched on Binance Smart Chain, scheduled for Q1 2022.