rASKO Security and Analytics

rASKO Money Market platform has been extensively tested and audited. A number of fail-safe functions have been introduced to protect our users from any potential exploitations building on the current market experience related to intentional malicious acts and unintentional errors or bugs. Extensive edge case testing has proven to be very effective if done properly and extensive code review and testing prior to audits. rASKO Money Market has 4 audit reports available to the public completed by Certik, Hashex, Techrate and independent blockchain security experts.
We have introduced a supply cap, collateralization triggers at 130% (24-hour notice to add more liquidity of pay off the loan) and 110% (immediate liquidation), collateral rations are monitored and managed by automated liquidation apps, asset category fences prevent malicious users from being able to unleash an attack on multiple asset categories and a secured method used to attain asset pricing. In addition, there are other security measures that we have introduced, which will not be disclosed here, so that persons with malicious intent are not afforded the benefit of knowing all the safeguards that reside on the platform. Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of capital for our users; therefore, we were cautious to use blockchain security specialists that we know, which have an impeccable track record, not a single project was exploited for which they conducted security audits.