rASKO - BEP20 Utility Token (Q4/21, IDO launch)
The total supply of rASKO is 1,000,000,000. rASKO Presale and IDO 100,000,000 tokens, price per rASKO is $0.01 for Presale and $0.015 for IDO offering. Team and Advisers 150,000,000 rASKO linear vesting to the team and advisors over 24 to 36 months. 100,000,000 rASKO allocated for Marketing and Development. 100,000,000 rASKO allocated for rASKO Swap. 250,000,000 rASKO allocated for rASKO Farms. 300,000,000 rASKO allocated for rASKO Borrowers' Rewards. Any unsold rASKO from IDO will be allocated to the rASKO Borrowers rewards pool. The rASKO Money Market on BSC, will be launched at the time of IDO in November 2021. In addition to creating a trading pool for rASKO (BEP20) on a DEX, the funds raised from IDO will also go to providing liquidity in various core money market assets and liquidity the risk token swap. rASKO Money Market participants can simultaneously provide liquidity on rASKO Swap at their discretion, thereby liquidity provider fees and gaining access to the lp token farms.
rASKO has several ways of allocating token supply organically while sustaining a deflationary and self regenerative token economy: Allocations are earned > borrowers’ rewards, borrowing and lending on rASKO Money Market, providing liquidity in rASKO to the swap and farming liquidity pool tokens to earn rASKO rewards.
rASKO economy provides organic token burn and buyback ; 25% of all fees generated monthly on rASKO Money Markets will go to the ASKO DAO, in turn causing an equivalent amount of rASKO tokens to be burned. Further, rASKO buyback will occur monthly, utilizing a portion of the fees earned on the rASKO Money Market.
rASKO economy drives TVL growth, borrowers, lenders and liquidity providers are incentivized to hold rASKO. The best way to do so is by reducing the supply of rASKO or increasing earnings per rASKO, to increase the price. Based on the token economics outlined previously, rASKO Money Market participants and token buyers have an incentive to hold rASKO in order take advantage of potential consistent price growth in the token and the additional utility offered by rASKO on BSC token to earn fees and rewards.
rASKO Money Market economics are community centric; in addition to the extensive utility offered to rASKO token holders, the rASKO token can also be used to participate in cohort farming, to earn yields in rASKO and premium tokens, such as BNB. A portion of rASKO Money Market fees will be added to the rASKO cohort farm, which will allow farmers to earn consistent yields in rASKO and farm liquidity in BNB + other premium tokens. Important Note for rASKO Token Holders: 75% of all fees generated from the platform will be allocated for rASKO token buyback, operating expenses and cohort farming.